Remember “Sideways”?

Hi everyone – we just heard that Kalyra Winery (a longtime winery partner of ours!) is going to be showing “Sideways” as part of their Movie Night Series on Friday, October 9th at 6:00pm.  If you are local to the area or maybe staying up in the valley, their movie nights are great fun.  It’s free and they bring in local food trucks and have a Gourmet Popcorn Bar as well.  Plus, they have their fantastic wines that you can enjoy during the movie!  Here is a link, in case you are interested:  Oh, and a bit of Wine Edventures trivia for you….take a close look when Miles and Jack drive into the parking lot of what is called “Frass Canyon” winery…see if you can spot our original purple bus sitting there!  That is our 3 seconds of fame!

Standing Sun LIVE

While most of our wine country shuts down after 5:00pm, there is a spot on the West End that offers live music and great wine for locals and tourists alike.  Standing Sun Winery transforms into an intimate live music venue with a great variety of different artists.  They have food trucks on site if you want a bite to eat and you can also peruse local art in their Gallery next door.  Here is a link to their site – enjoy!

Harvest is early!

Harvest in our valley came early this year due to the warmer El Nino weather.  You may have read about the strange happenings up and down our coast with various species of water animals showing up in odd locales — well….our harvest has been affected too!   Our wineries have had to switch gears and jump into harvesting earlier than expected.  This means that, right now, on our tours you might be able to get a glimpse of all the action behind the scenes.  We have even been able to taste some wine grapes during the day!

Flexible Pick-ups!

We have been getting a lot of requests for pick-ups at Airbnb or VRBO rentals in and around Santa Barbara.  We just want to make sure our customers know that we can pick up at most of these locations without a problem.  Just let us know either when you make the reservation online, or if you call in, that you’ll be renting a house while you are in town and we can map it out and see what we can do.  Plus, don’t forget that we can pick up, for no extra charge, from Ventura up to Solvang.  We realize it is difficult to find a good rate sometimes or the right hotel.  We’ll be as flexible as we can to make your tour pick-up easy and convenient!