Wine Tours aren’t just a summer activity!

Actually, our favorite time of year for wine tours is September.  This is the time of year that you’ll see the most fruit on the vines!  In our opinion, right before harvest is the best grape viewing time.  During our behind the scenes production and vineyard tour, you’ll get to see the ripe fruit ready for picking up close and personal.  These grapes will surprise you as they don’t look a thing like regular table grapes…nor do they taste anything like them.  But, the finished product is definitely tasty!  Harvest is a hard time of year — long hours and lots of work.  During this time of year, the wineries transform from quiet, laid back spots to full scale production facilities!  We get to see a lot of the action on our tours and get a feel for what really goes into a bottle of wine.   It seems pretty easy from the outside but once you see the winery staff in action, you realize it is anything but.   We like for our guests to get a glimpse into harvest activities as it really does give you a higher appreciation for the final product.